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Incoming Laboratory Service Requests

XP117Genetics I want to do polymorphism of few genes. Required lab service for Real Time PCR. Kits and reagents, everything will be provided. Location-Chennai, Pondicherry. Apply
XP116BioanalyticalLooking for a pathology lab to process saliva samples for cortisol hormone. Location: Mumbai / IndiaApply
XP115MicrobiologyMicrobiology service needed for testing a UV hand held sanitizer for its effectiveness against bacterial and viral cultures. Bacterial preferably E coli strain K12. Please provide a quotation for the same including GST.Apply
XP114BiotechI want to get some DBS spot cards processed for lipid profile & hormones. Country: IndiaApply
XP113Bioanalytical I have extracted a secondary metabolite from microbes. I have to do HPLC so kindly give me informations about the laboratories which are receiving samples from other institutes.Apply
XP112ChemicalI am looking for a chemical laboratory to carryout experiments related to Medicinal plant extraction. I will be using solvents like Hexane, petroleum ether, ethanol etc. Need power and water connection. I can bring my own apparatus like glass flask, soxhlet, water bath, water pump etc. We are based in Mumbai/India.Apply
XP111BioanalyticalI want to do preparative HPLC analysis for protein sample (and collection of different fractions for future research). Please let me know the cost details for protein sample (per sample). We are based in India.No Longer Requested
XP110ResearchI need a laboratory for researching food technology. No Longer Requested
XP109ChemicalLooking for engineering partners for the fabrication and construction of electrolysis cell. Must have 5-10 year experience in electrochemistry design.No Longer Requested
XP108AnalyticalWe are looking for diffusion studies of generic cream vs innovator. Country: IndiaNo Longer Requested
XP107BioanalyticalI want to perform estimation of glutamate in rat brain homogenate by using HPLC.No Longer Requested
XP106BioanalyticalOsmolality testing required for an ongoing series of liquid samples. Preferably freeze-point depression osmometry.No Longer Requested
XP105BioanalyticalWe would like to know the charge for plant sample (flavonoid) estimation using LC-MS. How much does it cost per sample?No Longer Requested
XP104BioanalyticalI want to estimate the Vitamin A, C, protein content, Zn, Fe and dietary fiber content in cauliflower. Looking for a laboratory near Kolkata, India.No Longer Requested
XP103BioanalyticalI need histopathaology analysis for fish samples like gill and liver of fishes. Kindly provide me the details for sample preparation, sending procedure and analytical charges.No Longer Requested
XP102Bioanalytical I am looking for ELISA quantification in rat serum and knee homogenate for the following markers: anti-CCP,Caspase 3 and MMP 1 and 11.No Longer Requested
XP101BioanalyticalI require to perform HPLC for some plant samples in crude methanolic extract form against some common standards for the study and quantification of certain alkaloids, phycocoloids, steroidal alkaloids etc. I want to supply 2 set of 20 different samples, 2000x20 (for 20 crude samples with standards). Please send quotes for the work.No Longer Requested
XP100BioanalyticalWant to do preparative HPLC analysis (and collection of different fractions for future research) of herbal leaf essential oil. Prefereable place in and around Chennai.No Longer Requested
XP099AnalyticalLooking for a lab to perform analysis of human sweat for chemicals (e.g., PCBs, pthalates, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, etc.) and heavy metals (e.g., Pb, Al, Ar, Ni, etc.) No Longer Requested
XP098BioanalyticalLooking for biochemical analysis Antioxidant enzyme assay for animal tissue - lipid peroxidation - superoxide dismustase - glutathione peroxidase - reduced glutathione - catalase - protein and vitamin C. I want to know cost of each assay per sample.No Longer Requested
XP097AnalyticalWe need complete certificate of analysis for organic Spirulina powder on regular basis. Please come up with a quotation & time duration for checking all the parameters.No Longer Requested
XP096BioanalyticalLooking for a lab to perform southern hybridization of putative transformants. India areaNo Longer Requested
XP095BioanalyticalLooking for an Indian microbiology lab having facilities for microbiology work like laminar flow hood, incubator, sterilizer, etc and an experienced microbiologist to report me the effect of a herb on salivary s. Mutans. Complete procedure, required consumables and the herb will be provided. No Longer Requested
XP094BioanalyticalCan anyone take up the estimation of vitamin A, E, C and 1, 5-Anhydroglucitol in saliva? Saliva samples and procedure will be provided. Work can be done anywhere in India.No Longer Requested
XP093Chemical I am looking for a person with skills in manufacturing research chemicals. I have a large global market for these products but require competent and understanding people to produce these products, I will attach a chemical structure and if this looks like something that you recognise or can produce I would love to hear from you. Methyl 2-{[1-(cyclohexylmethyl)-1H-indol-3-yl]formamido}-3,3-dimethylbutanoateNo Longer Requested
XP092BioanalyticalI want to perform analysis of mice brain samples, enzyme analysis and also a pathological analysis, at Chennai.No Longer Requested
XP091BioanalyticalI need to run saliva samples using Luminex Performance Assay Kits for Human Obesity & Adipokine hormones panel. Kindly suggest a lab in Chennai.No Longer Requested
XP090BioanalyticalI need to test my samples for mutational and carcinogenic property. City: Coimbatore No Longer Requested
XP089BioanalyticalI need to separate peptide from fermented milk using reverse phase HPLC and size exclusion HPLC, so please specify the charges and the amount regarding this. Thank youNo Longer Requested
XP088Bioanalytical I need to get LC-MS/MS done of three medicinal plants (aqueous extract/ethanol extract). The main objective is qualitative analysis and compound identification present in the crude plant extract. Kindly let me know how to proceed for the same at analytical test facility. I want to go for LC-MS/MS, HPLC or GC-MS, whichever is best suitable for identification of unknown compounds in extract.No Longer Requested
XP087BioanalyticalLooking for a lab with capabilities to perform linkage map construction and QTL mapping identification in sunflower crop.No Longer Requested
XP086Bioproduction Looking for a fully functional GMP facility for manufacture of recombinant cell-culture based product at a scale of 1000 to 2000 L (Stainless or Disposable) with adjacent down-stream processing suite. GMP certification by regulatory agency is a must.No Longer Requested
XP085BioanalyticalLooking for Indian companies to outsource the quantitation of mouse inflammatory cytokines by FACS method. No Longer Requested
XP084BioanalyticalI need to do expression work in FACS and also a quantitative ELISA work for Adiponectin. No Longer Requested
XP083BioanalyticalWe need to perform Insulin, GLP1, GIP, Glucagon assay from rat blood sample. GLP certified labs. Chennai based labsNo Longer Requested
XP082Safety testingNeed to have specially sized condom-like sleeves emplaced in the stomachs of 6, genetically obese lab rats and then have their diets, weights, and stools monitored for two months. These condom like sleeves will be encapsulated in gelatin capsules. Once emplaced in the rat stomachs, they are expected to assume a round diameter too large to pass into the rat intestines. As food is pushed into the intestines, this condom-like sleeve is expected to unfurl the approximate 80 cm length of the rat small intestine and act to block the transfer of food nutrients to the small intestine villi. The purpose of this test is to get a first estimation of the likelihood that this physical barrier might become twisted or entangled in some fashion that it could cause harm to the animal and my inference to any future human trials. Another objective is to identify any undesirable elements associated with food waste that has not had its nutrients removed in a normal manner.No Longer Requested
XP081BioanalyticalWe want to do Franz diffusion analysis of our ointment based topical products. No Longer Requested
XP080BioanalyticalHPLC outsourcing for plant extracts required. City: Ahmedabad No Longer Requested
XP079BioanalyticalI would like to find a company/lab that can perform percutaneous absorption assay (Franz Diffusion Cell). We are based in Boston, USA.No Longer Requested
XP078BioanalyticalI am looking for an organization that will perform preparative HPLC, LC-MS and NMR for two samples. If not all facilities, then at least preparative HPLC analysis is needed at the earliest.No Longer Requested
XP077BioanalyticalWe are working to work out on possible mode of action specific molecules on GPCRs. Calcium binding assay is one of the many assays which will help us to know the role of a specific GPCR. Please let us know where (lab location) and how (quality certification) this can be done in outsourcing format. No Longer Requested
XP076BioanalyticalWe would like to have some of our lyophilized samples residual moisture tested. We are based on USA.No Longer Requested
XP075BioanalyticalI want to do whole genome sequencing of hepatitis B virus. No Longer Requested
XP074HistologyLooking for bio-Marker stain study (in rats) to the following requirement: Osteocalcin OPG/RANKL TRAP stain. Area of Chennai/India.No Longer Requested
XP073ToxicityRequesting quotation for a USA toxicity study of a beverage that we would like to commence immediately: subchronic 90-day toxicity study in rodents: OECD 408, OPPTS 870.3100, FDA IV.C.4.a. GLP.No Longer Requested
XP072BioanalyticalI am looking for CRO that will perform PCR and sequencing on plasma samples for detection of HBV and HCVNo Longer Requested
XP071ChemicalOur requirement:- Hydrofluoric acid purity test. (1) Testing cost per sample (2)Testing time (3) With printed certificate (4) Lab Address Near Ahmedabad (5)How to collect both testing samples with safetyNo Longer Requested
XP070BioanalyticalI would like to perform percutaneous absorption assay (Franz Diffusion Cell).No Longer Requested
XP069AnalyticalWe need Analytical Testing support for Surfactant/Granular Detergent Powder. Country:IndiaNo Longer Requested
XP068Bioanalytical I need a bioanalytical lab to determine the concentration of IL-1b, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10 and TNF a in plasma and NGF in serum sample.No Longer Requested
XP067BioanalyticalI just want to know if there is any Labs that have the outsourcing services for running a specific test for my research. Preferable any labs located in Kuala Lumpur.The test that I want is Human sCD26 ELISA (Bender Medsystems GmbH,Vienna, Austria).I have about 600 samples. I can provide the kits if necessary. Can you provide a quotation for me?No Longer Requested
XP066Chemical Need a contract lab ASAP to perform Triton X (USP Octoxynol 9 – Limit of Dioxane) – see attached monographs by GMP standards with verification if requiredNo Longer Requested
XP065Safety testingLooking for testing the safety-compliance of Engineered Wood Fiber intended for playground use, according to: 1)ASTM F1292-09 2)ASTM F1951 3)ASTM F2075-10a 4)lab-recommended flammability test. USA based.No Longer Requested
XP064ToxicologyPlease provide quotation for toxicity studies mentioned below which we want in an urgent basis: 1. Acute oral toxicity studies in rats 2. Sub acute studies in Rats 3. Repeated dose 90-day oral toxicity studies in rats (OECD 408) 4. Reproductive study (OECD 421)No Longer Requested
XP063BioanalyticalI am looking for a laboratory able to perform sieve analysis of drug substances. The analysis is to be made on the following Air Jet siever: Hosokawa Alpine 200 LS (it is a model of 1990s). The laboratory is to be FDA approved and/or GMP certified.No Longer Requested
XP062BioanalyticalNeed to find out how many viral copies are present per 1 ml of B95-8 supernatant (containing the EBV). I need to know the number of viral copies when I go to stimulate dendritic cells. Can you all do PCR quantification and for how much?No Longer Requested
XP061Preclinical FDA and EMA GLP compliant GLP single dose and 4-week repeated dose general toxicity studies in rats (large molecule) are required.No Longer Requested
XP060PreclinicalLooking for validated 'in vivo' models able to link inhibition of autotaxin (ATX) activity and decline of lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) levels to the reduction of clinically relevant biomarkers, preferably, but not limited to oncology, immune-mediated diseases, or fibrosis.No Longer Requested
XP059HistologyLooking for outsourcing PAS staining. Our demand would be +/-600 slides/1.5 monthNo Longer Requested
XP058BioanalyticalA client wishes to identify one or more laboratories or contract research organizations (CROs) that have the ability to perform various types of protein and/or DNA analyses (ELISA, Southern Blots & Insect Bioassays) under GLP... The organization must be of sufficient quality to meet stringent criteria, and must be familiar with the regulatory submissions made for agricultural products made using biotechnology... Preference would be given to a provider on the east coast of America.No Longer Requested
XP057MicrobiologyI am looking to rent 300 sq/ft of laboratory space for 3 to 4 months in the San Diego area for November/December 2011. Work to be carried out: 20 DoE runs (non-gmp) for microbial process. (the bacteria is classified as BSL 1) Using a (multi-) fermenter system with a working volume of 1 to 2L for upstream harvest is performed by TFF and stabilized cells are lyophilized. Some IPCs (microbial purity, CFU, residual moisture) have to be performed as well.No Longer Requested
XP056ChemicalI am looking for a lab to retrieve/clean a large quantity (10+ lbs) of abrasive grain. the SOP for the process is: 1. Boil grain in hydrochloric acid (50%) for 10 minutes 2. Rinse grain and dry 3. Wash grain in hydrofluoric acid (50%) 4. Rinse grain and dry Subsequently, in smaller amounts it is generally necessary to process the abrasive at 480C for 2-3 hours to remove any excess carbon. After this it is sometimes necessary to repeat the hydrochloric acid wash step. The abrasive grain is alumina. I would prefer to have everything done at one location, but would be open to having it done at two different labs if need be.No Longer Requested
XP055Bioanalytical We are looking for Microbial Testing on 50% w/w Benzalkonium Chloride (BKC). Test to be done with reference standards: 1. EN 1276 2. EN 14348 Test organisms for: 1. TB (mycobacterium tuberculosis) 2. Aspergillus niger 3. Candida albicans 4. Pseudomonas aeruginosa 5. MRSANo Longer Requested
XP054Bioanalytical Genetic stability testing of the seed master bank according to FDA guidelinesNo Longer Requested
XP053Bioanalytical We are working on total quality ( microbial and physicochemical quality parameters) of mango. We have identified around 120 isolate belonging about 15 genera (viz. Arthrobacter spp. ,Bacillus spp., Brevibacterium spp., Brevibacillus spp., Citricoccus spp., Enterobacter spp., Exiguobacterium spp., Klebsiella spp., Pani Bacillus spp., Plenomicrobium spp., Pseudomonas spp., Providenci spp., Staphylococcus spp., Strenotrophomonas spp. and Trophomonas species). These microbes were identified by 16 S rDNA. There are about 40 fungal isolates belonging to 12 genera. We need to identify Strenotrophomonas maltophilia, Bacillus pumilus, Aspergillus flavus, Fusarium moniliforme individually when all or many of the above microorganisms are present in wash water or swab of mango fruit surface as sample. Antigen antibody based detection is to be applied. The services we would like to outsource is the identifictaion unique surface antigen or group of specific surface antigens to microorganism or their spores (of Strenotrophomonas maltophilia, Bacillus pumilus, Aspergillus flavus, Fusarium moniliforme. After identification of surface antigens, we would also like to outsource the raising and charceterization and purification of polyclonal/monoclonal antibodies specific to each of these. No Longer Requested
XP052Bioanalytical We need to carry out ELISA tests for 50 serum samples to check Apo C3 levels, Would you be able to provide such service and if so what would the cost be? Also, do you charge a fixed rate for ELISA sevices? No Longer Requested
XP051Pre-clinicalLooking to contract a proven rat myocardial infarction model for new therapy testing. Reproducible MI size and standard deviations required. No Longer Requested
XP050Pre-clinicalCarcinogenicity Study (according to OECD-451) - GLP compliantNo Longer Requested
XP049Bioanalytical USA GMP certified laboratory with FLIPRtetra/FlexStation III/Hamamatsu FDSS/or similar instrument needed to run calcium mobilization assays No Longer Requested
XP048Pre-clinicalLooking for a CRO in Europe that can do release testing under cGMP for human stem cell surface markers for differentiationNo Longer Requested
XP047BiotechnologyNorth America FDA GLP Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for cell proliferation testing.No Longer Requested
XP046Analytical ChemistryIndia Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Chromatography Testing of Melamine & Cyanuric acid by LC-MSMS Please give stimate and required days.No Longer Requested
XP045BiotechnologyEurope Laboratory needed to test the viability of a variety of cells cryopreserved in three different ways. The cell types tested should include human stem cells, human primary cells and hepatocytes.No Longer Requested
XP044Pre-clinicalPreclinical Laboratory needed for testing animal model of inflammation. Two different drugs to be tested (provided). Minimun of 40 animals. GLPs not needed.No Longer Requested
XP043HistologyEurope analytical chemistry Laboratory needed for non-GLP evaluation of samples with Fluorescence microscopy. Cryostate needed.No Longer Requested
XP042BiotechnologyHistology Lab needed in India for electron microscopy examination of mouse kidney samples (Total of 23 samples).No Longer Requested
XP041ChemicalUSA radiochemistry laboratory needed for determination of phosphorus in sample. ISO certified if possible.No Longer Requested
XP040BioanalyticalBioanalytical laboratory needed for In vitro assay with CHO cells expressing glutamate transporter (e.g. SLC1A1). West USA.No Longer Requested
XP039BiotechnologyPreclinical Contract Research Organization needed for measuring nerve conduction velocity. Non-GLP. Please suggest protocol details and quote. Thank you.No Longer Requested
XP038BioanalyticalBioanalytical laboratory needed for ELISA test for rat tumor necrosis factor- alpha (TNF-alpha) in serum/ urine and kidney homogenates.No Longer Requested
XP037PharmaceuticalLooking for a pancreatic in vivo tumor model to test the efficay of two anticancer compounds. Study to be conducted on nude mice. Referal compound desired. UK area or Europe.No Longer Requested
XP036Pre-clinicalPreclinical, Non-GMP Laboratory needed for tumor murin model testing to determine whether an inhibitor might or might not have anti-metastatic activity. In vitro tests showed that our compound has an anti-migration activity. Ideally, we would like to implant the tumor cells orthotopically and let them form metastasis from the site of implantation. Do you manage such orthotopic models? Do you use cell lines engineered with fluorescence marker to track metastasis spreading?No Longer Requested
XP035Pre-clinicalBioanalytical laboratory needed to test one or two compounds for the ability to inhibit VEGF-induced permeability in endothelial cell monolayer under several conditions in an in vitro HUVEC/HMVEC permeability assay. Also, want to test a couple of compounds ability to inhibit VEGF- and thrombin-induced changes in actin structures inside HUVEC cells via anti-actin immunofluorescent staining.No Longer Requested
XP034ToxicologyUSA West Coast GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for Acute, chronic heavy metal toxicology studies to evaluate the effect of nutraceutaical on resistance to heavy metals, Hg most likely but perhaps Cd. In rats or mice, including knockouts. LD50 possible as are markers of liver/kidney tox if we choose to go chronic. We may require samples of liver, kidney and brain be flash frozen and sent to us. Sorry about the vagueness but we are just now trying to get aa budget together.No Longer Requested
XP033MicrobiologyMicrobiology laboratory needed in Europe for HIV 1 and 2, HCV, Hepatitis B surface antigen testing.No Longer Requested
XP032PharmaceuticalUSA FDA GMP preclinical contract research organization needed for entire preclinical toxicology (including reproductive toxicology and carcinogenicity) and safety pharmacology program with an inhalation formulation.No Longer Requested
XP031ToxicologyUSA Toxicology Laboratory needed for vitro toxicity testing of 10 materials in carbon nanotubes. The assays I would be interested in would involve the use of human macrophages or possibly epithelial cells after exposure to carbon nanotubes. The assays of interest are: 1. assay of lethal toxicity utilizing MTT, LDH, or oxygen consumption assays 2. assay of oxidative stress utilizing a luminol assay 3. quantitative assay of particulate-mediated inflammatory cytokine/chemokine production by ELISA 4. fibrogenesis production via a collagen production assay.No Longer Requested
XP030Pre-clinicalPreclinical product safety contract research organization needed for PK/PD Animal studies with experience in testing oral delivery mechanisms (tablets in particular) in a relevant animal model. We would like to determine PK/PD of drugs in our proprietary tablet technology.No Longer Requested
XP029BioanalyticalUK, Europe, FDA GLP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Cytometric Bead Array Testing of plasma samples for the presence of some or all of the following cytokines: inflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL-8, IL-1?, IL-6, IL-10, TNF-?, IL-12p70) and the TH1/TH2 balance (e.g. IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, IL-10, TNF-?, IFN-?).No Longer Requested
XP028MicrobiologyCanada microbiology laboratory needed for testing antimicrobial activity of 12 small molecule compounds for activity against drug resistant Gram positive strains.No Longer Requested
XP027BioanalyticalCanada FDA GMP bioanalytical laboratory needed for potency testing (receptor binding activity) for drug product that contains recombinant human Epidermal Growth Factor (hEGF) as an active ingredient. This test require the use of gamma counter, incubators, inverted microscope, in addition to some bio molecules & radioactive labelled compounds.No Longer Requested
XP026Pre-clinicalFDA, Non-GLP Preclinical Laboratory needed for tissue cross-reactivity study. Non-GLP analysis of the 32 FDA-required normal human tissue panel. Costs required for 1, 2 and 3 donors, including method development studies. I would also be interested in obtaining a quote for a full cynomolgus monkey tissue cross-reactivity study.No Longer Requested
XP025MicrobiologyMeryland microbiology Laboratory needed for virucidial activity testing of Alcoholic Handrub against: 1.Enveloped viruses (incl. HBV, HIV, HCV) 2.Herpes simplex virus 3.Influenza A virus 4.SARS virus 5.Adeno virus 6.Papova virus 7.Rota virusNo Longer Requested
XP024PharmaceuticalUSA FDA GLP Micobiology Laboratory needed for Filter sterilization, USP LAL endotoxin testing, and sterile packaging of C-14 labeled carboplatin in solid form or in pure water. Prefer lyophilized solid, but aqueous solution OK. Compound should be equally distributed into 100 single use sterile glass vials. If aqueous solution, we will need stability testing (requires and HPLC assay). Acute safety testing in mice may also be required. The compound is curretly in a single vial (660 mg and 87 mCi). The final product will be used for "Phase 0" clinical trials. According to current FDA guidance for Phase 0, the material can be prepared GLP.No Longer Requested
XP023ClinicalUSA Clinical Laboratory needed for testing CSF- Blood, hemoglobin, SOD1No Longer Requested
XP022Pre-clinicalUSA Preclinical laboratory needed for cell based assay inflammation testing (TNF alpha, cytokines...) No Longer Requested
XP021ClinicalClinical Contract Research Organization needed for bioanalytical testing human serum samples for fatty acid concentrations (DHA and EPA) in the course of an experiment on coronary artery disease. However, I need to find someone with expertise in this area to perform the gas chromatography and analysis. UK area.No Longer Requested
XP020BioanalyticalBioanalytical labs needed for affinity separation & identification (sequence) of oligo-peptides. We provide 1., a Target Oligopeptide Pool (TOPP) containing ~106 more or less different, ~10 amino acid long oligo-peptides (Target Oligo-Peptide, TOP). TOPP sequences are designed and artificially generated. 2., a single pure Query Peptide (QP), which is ~10-100 amino acid long. We are asking for 1., find ~10-100 TOP in the TOPP which has the strongest affinity to the QP; 2., identify these TOPs (sequencing) with some method, like MS or combination of HPLC + MS, or 2D elfo + MSNo Longer Requested
XP019Pre-clinicalUSA Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed to conduct Non-GMP, Non-GLP In-Vitro Oncology Study of cancer cancer chemoprevention Induction of quinone reductase (QR) activity in cultured murine Hepa 1c1c7 cells (Reference 1). The quinone reductase activity will be assayed by the menadione coupled reduction of a tetrazolium dye.No Longer Requested
XP018FoodSouth America analytical chemistry laboratory needed for tissue testing of for residues on produce vegetables, mainly watemelon. We are interested to establish a laboratory for testing Tissue of plant leaves Analysis The testing is of the following basics. nitogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S), iron (Fe), boron (B), manganese (Mn), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), molybdenum (Mo), and chlorine (Cl).No Longer Requested
XP017HistologyUK Histology laboratory needed for: Source: Pig aorta Total parafin embedded formalin fixed blocks: <30 Need immunohistochemisty: MMP-1,MMP-2, MMP-9, Collagen IV. Need interpretation of Histology stains (H&E, Elastic Von Gieson, Trichrome, Reticulum) and immunohistochemistry.No Longer Requested
XP016ClinicalUSA Biomedical laboratory needed for quantitation testing of several very short peptides (from 4-9 aa) in human plasma at a very low detection level ~0.1-1.0 pg/ml (presumably by nanospray mass spec) on approximately 100 samples.No Longer Requested
XP015ToxicologyUSA/Europe GLP Preclinical laboratory needed to test repeat dose toxicity: 6 months rodent, 9 months non rodent.No Longer Requested
XP014EnvironmentalNorth Carolina NCDEH Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for nitrate test on three fresh water well systems.No Longer Requested
XP013ToxicologyAsia Product Safety Contract Research Organization needed for Toxicology Testing, blend palm oil for acute toxicity test, LD 50 test and patch test like irritation and sensitization studies.No Longer Requested
XP012ToxicologyEastcoast USA or Norway GMP FDA Compliant Preclinical Contract Research Organization required for in vivo animal testing: mouse LD50 and abnormal toxicity testing needed for (FDA compliant) release testing. Written reports required. CRO should be GMP certified and FDA registered.No Longer Requested
XP011EnvironmentalAsia Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required for testing Nitriloacetic acid in water.No Longer Requested
XP010Molecular BiologyProteomics Biotechnology Company needs preclinical, oncology Contract Research Organization for Biomarker, Microarray Discovery and development study (proteomics based). We are actually working on a compound able to inhibit a signalling pathway involved in cancer progression.No Longer Requested
XP009Natural EnergiesUSA Start-up, Biofuel Manufacturer needs Green Laboratory for testing Fuel Efficiency, Emissions Testing, Mileage Gain, Horse Power Loss or Gain, Commercial applications (Diesel Particulate Matter).No Longer Requested
XP008ToxicologyUK ISO Toxicology Laboratory needed to detect veterenary drug residue in food.No Longer Requested
XP007MicrobiologyEast Coast FDA GMP Microbiology Lab needed for USP Sterility Testing Assay (bacterial & fungal growth).No Longer Requested
XP006EnvironmentalEurope Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required to do Selenium analysis in soil, water and plant samples.No Longer Requested
XP005Pre-clinicalNon GLP Pharmacology Laboratory needed for bioavailability and half life assessment of 12 compounds and one control by oral route.No Longer Requested
XP004MicrobiologyEastern USA GLP Microbiology Laboratory needed for 100-120 samples of poultry rinse water for microbial testing. The samples should be tested for detection of Listeria as well as identification of the species and strain. Please detail the costs and turnaround time for this study.No Longer Requested
XP003Pre-clinicalEuropean GLP certified Preclinical Laboratory needed for percutaneous absorption assay.No Longer Requested
XP002ToxicologyUSA FDA GMP Preclinical Contract Research Organization needeed for Single-Dose Acute Toxicology Studies of Metabolite analysis of "hot" radiolabled peptide.No Longer Requested
XP001PharmaceuticalUSA or Europe GLP or FDA registered Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to test concentration of menaquinone 7, N acetyl neuraminic acid, pyrasine in fermentation broth.No Longer Requested

a Laboratory Service Request.